Licensed Real Estate Agent

We are a rapidly growing company seeking licensed real estate agents to service Washington DC, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Baltimore Counties, and Baltimore City.

The agent will also assist with the rental market. This person will be placing tenants into properties we already manage and own. In addition to placing tenants in company properties agents will be encouraged to work with the prospective tenants in procuring housing in properties in the open market when our inventory does not meet their needs.

We are looking for an aggressive agent interested in earning significant income. This agent is willing to services these leads proactively. Quasar has an aggressive pay structure to ensure agents are compensated fairly. Quasar owns and manages over 100 separate properties.

Quasar is a fully staffed firm supporting our leasing agents in all of their efforts. This includes agents working directly with our Marketing Manager who will promote the agent as well as the available properties, generating business for the agent. The Marketing Manager will provide marketing materials, place listings and communicate/track lead information to the agent.

Job Duties:

  • Responding to all leads as they come in within 24 hours
  • Triage each lead to determine if lead is realistically qualified to be accepted as a tenant
  • Interview qualified leads to determine property type, location and price which lead would likely be interested
  • Show each qualified lead properties determined to fit lead’s criteria
  • Prepare application for property identified as desirable by lead to be presented to owner or owner’s agent
  • Follow up through signing of lease and collection of commission check
  • Providing Quasar with owner information for potential follow up for management services for all properties lease is signed
  • Maintain list of all leads and their disposition to be submitted each week to Quasar for review
  • Develop leads independently

Compensation is as follows:

  • 50% of commissions generated through Quasar’s marketing that result in a signed lease.
  • 80% of commissions generated through self-sourced efforts
  • 5% of any management agreement entered by any owner not already under Quasar management
  • Maintained as procuring cause for future activities
  • Reminders to be provided to agent by Quasar upon each lease anniversary for agent to contact tenant (rent or purchase)
  • If tenant contacts Quasar for additional services, lead to be forwarded to procuring cause
  • If owner enters into management agreement with Quasar and subsequently desires Quasar to sell property, procuring cause to receive listing

Job Type:

  • Commission

Required license or certification:

  • Real Estate License

About Our Company

Quasar Property Management and Real Estate, LLC is a licensed real estate and property management firm specializing in the management of individual owner properties, apartment communities and homeowner/condominium associations. Quasar began operations in 2008, managing properties and selling real estate for its own closely held group of real estate investors. In that role, Quasar did everything necessary to find, organize, finance and manage real property.

Quasar provides team members with an exceptional company culture. Every team member plays a vital role at Quasar, so we provide you with the training, support and tools needed for success.

In accordance with Quasar’s hiring policies, all applicants offered positions will be screened using an outside background screening service. All offers of employment will be subject to applicants successfully completing a thorough background check, including credit history.

How to Apply

Please email all resumes to info@quasarrealestate.com