How To Make your Home Warm & Welcoming

Whether you use your living room as an entertaining space, or simply a safe place to snuggle up and relax, these 6 ideas will transform your space into a warm and welcoming haven.

Add more blankets & pillows.

Loading up on extra blankets and throw pillows is sure to add cozy vibes to any room! For an extra comfort element try incorporating faux fur or cable knit pieces.

Invest in a rug.

Even if you’re not a fan of wall-to-wall carpet, laying down a snug area rug will instantly warm up your space.

Put up some personal photos.

Pick out some inviting photos of places you’ve traveled, scenes you cherish or of family and friends. Adding a gallery wall is a great way to create conversations with visitors, remind you of your favorite moments and overall make your space feel happier.

Decorate with warm touches of color.

Color elements have a lot to do with the particular feelings a room gives off. Try incorporating some warm tones in your decorating scheme like oranges and yellows, gold, brown or deep reds.

Work with dim lighting.

Install a light dimmer or take advantage of candles, lamps and lanterns to set a calm, relaxing mood. There’s not much more comforting than the flicker of a fire or the soft glow of candlelight!

Bring nature into your space.

The more greenery around the room the better. Incorporating some plant life into your space is sure to make it feel cozier.

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